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[VIDEO] Spokesman For Family of Seth Rich: New Video Found



Jack Burkman, a spokesman for the Seth Rich family, made an appearance on the Steve Malzberg Show and revealed some new developments, including the fact there seems to have been 2 assassins instead of just one as previously believed.  He also said that there is a new video that came from a private source but couldn’t elaborate on what might be on it as the police have the video but has not shared it with the family yet.

The death of Seth Rich has been very controversial in that after being shot in the back four times, his assailant or assailants didn’t take a thing, despite the fact that he had his wallet, phone and watch on him at the time.  Julian Assange has hinted that it was Rich who supplied him with DNC documents and emails and others have speculated that he was planning to go to the FBI with information.

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Total rewards are now $125,000

Jack Burkman: Some of the surveillance footage has legs. We know there is two people, we strongly suggest there is two people instead of one… Now interesting Steve we can break some news here. We just learned that there may be additional private video… We believe we have located additional private video that could be useful.

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