• May 26, 2022

[VIDEO] Thug Executes California Police Officer, One Officer Also Wounded

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Sergeant Steve Owen, a 29-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was answering a call of distress, just like he had thousands of times before, but this time it was very different.  He had received a dispatch to the scene of a robbery in progress.  He stepped out of his car when a black thug approached him and fired a bullet right into his face.  Owen was rushed towards a local hospital but he passed on the way.

A manhunt was immediately underway and police found the suspect and a gunfight ensued, with another officer and the suspect wounded.  The suspect was able to escape by stealing a police car.  He was picked up later, with no additional officers hurt.  The suspect turned out to be a parolee with a long rap sheet.





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