• June 28, 2022

[VIDEO] Tolerant Liberal Arrested for Assault on Trump Supporter



The other night right after the second presidential debate in which Trump handed Hillary her ass, some of his supporters gathered outside the CNN building to protest CNN’s bias in reporting the news.  Aw hell, they were protesting the out and out Hillary ass kissing that goes on CNN.  I’m not sure I agree with the protests.  After all, what if the few dozen who actually watch CNN were to hear something bad about Trump?  If they had the slightest possibility of voting for Trump they wouldn’t be watching CNN anyway.

While the protesters were there a woman spit on a female Trump supporter who then took refuge in a coffee shop.  Police arrested her after investigating and talking to witnesses.  She was charged with assault.

Margaret Schofield, the offended woman said:

“The woman that they’re arresting right now spit on me. I had another gentleman spit in my face.  Chinos for Trump.”

“The things that I see on CNN, it really is beyond bias and slant.  It’s the Clinton News Network.”

“Somebody had a temper tantrum, abused my Women for Trump sign.”

From The Conservative Tribune:

The group of protesters, which included whites, Latinos and blacks, were demanding CNN “be more truthful” in its coverage of both Trump and Clinton.

“I don’t believe CNN ever reports things with an unbiased eye,” declared Marilyn Brier, who referred to CNN anchor and debate moderator Anderson Cooper as “a puppet” who left her unimpressed with his performance during the debate.



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