• December 5, 2021

(VIDEO) Trump Promises to Indict Hillary if He Becomes President


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Donald Trump does not believe Barack Obama or Loretta Lynch have any intention of prosecuting Hillary no matter what crimes the FBI digs up on her use of a private server for her emails.  That should net him a lot more votes.  It started when Sean Hannity if Trump would prosecute Hillary if he won the presidency.  Hannity also suggested that Hillary could be running for president just to avoid prosecution.  Trump replied with:

“You have no choice.  In fairness, you have to look into that.”

“She seems to be guilty.  But you know what, I wouldn’t even say that.”

“But certainly, it has to be looked at.  If a Republican wins, if I’m winning, certainly you will look at that as being fair to anyone else. So unfair to the people that have been prosecuted over the years for doing much less than she did.”

Trump explained that the statute of limitations would allow him to prosecute Clinton for any and all crimes she may have committed between 2009 and 2013.  He also said it’s not fair that Gen Petraeus and others were prosecuted for much less serious offenses and not prosecuting Hillary would be grossly unfair.

In fact, Trump said he wouldn’t wait until 2017.  He said either he or one of the other candidates who win the election should use that server as fodder during the summer and fall leading up to the November election:

“If I’m the nominee, this is not gonna be a subject that’s gonna die down very easily.”

Trump discussing Hillary and federal lands in Las Vegas last night:




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