• March 31, 2023

[IMAGES] Donald Trump Rally In Wisconsin Draws Over 42,000 Supporters

What’s striking about this rally is that it is in Green Bay, Wisconsin. And as many of you know, Wisconsin is a very Liberal State. for Trump to draw as many as this contradicts much of the reports saying Hillary is nearing the finish line well ahead.


Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 10.11.32 AM

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 10.13.23 AM

Watch the video here:

The final act of this dramatic process will come down to how the Democrats and their minions in the press steal the election. I personally believe if there is fraud the country will surely splinter and or converge. We will live through the worst presidency this country will have ever seen and truly hostilities will flare up due to the polarizing effects of a Clinton election.

H/T [ The Gateway Pundit ]

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