• June 17, 2024

[VIDEO] TSA Try To Screen Passenger After His Flight, Threaten Him For Refusal

​A man was recently stopped by TSA agents in the Denver International Airport and asked to undergo additional screening after he had already flown from Minneapolis. The man refused their requests, capturing the encounter on video.

Kahler Nygard says he has assumed based on his treatment at airports in recent years that he has a low-level designation on the United States government’s no-fly list, possibly given past contributions to web forums that discuss anti-government sentiments, he said.

Once he stepped off his plane that had just arrived in Denver, Nygard was approached by Transportation Security Administrationofficers who asked him to submit to an additional security screening. He resisted, asked why he was subject to a post-flight search. Nygard had a friend tape his initial screening before the flight, where he was “thoroughly screened” but had no problems.

“If I traveled from point A to point B safely, why does there now need to be more screening before I am allowed to leave? That would lead me to believe that I’m being detained,” Nygard said.

The main TSA agent that confronted Nygard said he would call local police if Nygard would not comply.

“I am not going to argue with you. Are you going to comply, or are you not?” the TSA agent said repeatedly.

Nygard, with camera in hand, insisted that a post-flight screening would be a detainment, and that the TSA agents had no right to do so. He eventually walked away from the agents.

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