• December 10, 2023

}VIDEO{ TV Show Host walks off set after heated discussion about Micheal Sam

Liberalism at it’s best. I can’t even believe this is NEWS right now! I didn’t know you could racist against Homosexuals… Is homosexuality a new Human Race? Video is attached for the full segment, well worth a watch. Also below is their Website address and Facebook page.

Meet the Hosts:

Courtney Kerr
“Ya’ll I am hangry right now!” Just one of the Courtney-isms you’ll hear on The Broadcast. The Courtney Kerr has always had a love for all things fashion which has launched her success as a powerful blogger and jewelry collaborator. Follow her to see what she finds trendy or check out her Instagram to see her pics from New York’s Fashion Week. Or just to learn more Courtney-isms.

Suzie Humphreys
Suzie has spent 20 years in radio, made hundreds of commercials, shot rifles with John Wayne and “hobnobbed” with movie stars and politicians. All that…she brings on the set of the Broadcast with weekly segments “Suzie Says So.” Viewers like you can write in a question and Suzie will answer it live every Wednesday. Just “Twitter” her at SuzieSaysSo.

Dawn Neufeld
A regular co-host on The Broadcast, cast member of VH1s Football Wives (2011), model, Mrs. Texas pageant contestant, one of D Magazines 10 Most Beautiful and an ATTORNEY! Dawn is quick to explain the latest hot topics and pop culture trials and cases in ways anyone can understand. She is also a mother, wife and entrepreneur.

Amy Kushnir
Amy K is a proud American, wife, mom and lover of Country Music and TexMex. Amy K is a published author who released a cook book and she’s always quick to give you a smile and “good morning” when you see her!

Lisa Pineiro
A fit foodie, writer and mother of four boys (one plays football at SMU), Lisa started her TV career in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She will be quick to let you know she’s from Los Angeles. You may have seen her hosting the morning show on Channel 11, but now we get to hear her sing right here on The Broadcast. “Good Mornin’, Good Mornin,’ To You, And You, And You!”




Here is their site http://www.ktxdtv.com/category/257849/the-broadcast-entertainment-talk-show

Here is their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheBroadcastTV

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