• June 30, 2022

[VIDEO] Walmart Employees Refuse to bake “Racist” Policeman’s Cake

wally w

An unidentified policeman’s daughter went to a Walmart in McDonough, Georgia on Thursday to have a cake made for her father who was retiring after 25 years on the police force.  The daughter requested a cake that has a blue line through the middle with the words “Blue Lives Matter”.  The three employees refused to make the cake, calling it racist.

Finally, she gave up and decided to have the cake baked elsewhere.  A friend of hers posted her story on the internet and the woman received an apology from the store manager who also offered to bake the cake for free and gave her a $50 gift card to boot.  In the end, the manager had to decorate the cake because the bakery employees still refused to do it.  I’m sorry, but as the manager I had to bake the cake, there would be 3 more people on the unemployment line ineligible for unemployment since they would have been fired for cause.


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