• May 25, 2022

[Video] Welfare Queen Shocks Town With Outrageous Demands


A welfare recipient has made many demands for new housing.  She has basically asked for her dream house, including three bedrooms for just her and her husband.  Suzanne, 43, (Her last name is not given) receives over $32,000 a year in welfare benefits and now wants to move so she can avoid a bedroom tax.  She is demanding that she get a house, not an apartment and that the lawn is perfectly flat.  She also insists that the house be at the end of the street or housing complex as the sound of her neighbors washing dishes disturbs her.  (You can’t make this stuff up)

From The Conservative Tribune:

Suzanne was moving out of her large house, occupied by only her and her husband, because she did not want to pay a bedroom tax – but the city council that helps with housing benefits for low-income residents could not find a house suitable for her many “needs.”

For example, the woman claimed she had a doctor’s note requiring her to have a bathtub in her home and that her yard be perfectly flat. Further, her “dream property” must be at the end of a street or complex because, despite being deaf in one ear, Suzanne claimed to be bothered by the noise of her neighbors washing their dishes.

But her demands went further than just health issues, as the welfare leech turned down one house the council found for her because she did not like the idea of sleeping in the bedroom



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