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[VIDEO] When This Marine Father Saw His Wife’s Sonogram, He Almost Cried


Marines are tough.  No one can deny that.  But there are times in a man’s life when even the toughest feel the tears welling in their eyes and Robert Cooper, a former Marine is no exception.  It wasn’t just seeing his baby for the first time, it was what his baby did that melted his heart.  During the sonogram, the baby raised his arm in a salute.

From The Blaze:

Mehgan Merriott and Robert Cooper, a former marine, told ABC News that during their appointment, they watched their baby raise its hand to its eyebrow.

“While they were doing the sonogram the baby was actually sleeping on its side and they tried several times to get him/her to wake up to take the picture that they needed to take,” Merriott said. “The baby didn’t want to wake up, then threw [its] hand in the air and then threw it back down.”

“I almost cried,” she added. “I thought it was sweet.”

Merriott said everyone who saw the baby salute “thought it was pretty crazy at first.”

“The doctors, nurses, my son was there … he looked up at the screen and started laughing,” she said.

Cooper said he “really enjoyed getting to see the little guy/girl and look forward to meeting him/her.”

“I’m sure it’s going to be a handful,” he added.

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