• June 21, 2024

[VIDEO] Which Soda Rots Your Teeth the Fastest?


We all know that carbonated soda rots your teeth, but which one is the worst.  Most people would guess Coke which can clean your toilet or cut through the salt on your windshield.  Teen science wiz Chase Wiley decided to find out.  Armed with two of his sister’s molars he conducted a scientific experiment.  One he put into a cup of Coke and one he put into a cup of Mountain Dew, his favorite sweet treat.  When he pulled them out, he found that they both were depleted, stained and rotted.

After close examination, he found that the tooth that was immersed in Mountain Dew was rotted twice as much as the one immersed in Coke.

 Chase Wiley put one of his sister's molars in  Coca Cola (background), and another in Mountain Dew (foreground). Though Coke's tooth is more stained, Mountain Dew's is more eroded

From The Daily Mail Online:


In his video for science blogger Tom Scott, Chase weighed each of his sister’s teeth. 

He then placed one in each drink.

When he took them out he found the one in Mountain Dew had decayed much more than the one in Coca Cola.

The Coca Cola tooth lost 0.06g in weight – dropping from 0.86g to 0.80g.

That means it lost seven per cent of its mass.

The Mountain Dew tooth lost 0.13g – weighing 0.94g before and 0.81g after – meaning it lost 14 per cent of its mass.


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