• December 10, 2023

[Video] Woman Runs Over Boyfriend After He Told her This


Video has been discovered of Misty Lee Wilke running over her boyfriend, who is not named after he admitted to her that he is HIV positive.  In the video, the boyfriend can be seen in the video riding his bike directly at his girlfriend’s car.  She doesn’t slow down, in fact it looks like she may have sped up before hitting him.  She did not stick around and left the scene.

Wilke has been indicted in Maricopa County Arizona for attempting to commit second-degree murder, leaving the scene, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Wilke has decided to plead not guilty even though the video clearly shows her running the boyfriend over.  According to Wilke, the boyfriend laughed as he told her he was HIV positive and then he shoved her, pulled a knife and slashed her arm.   She said that’s when she jumped in her car and drove away.  She claims she doesn’t know how her boyfriend ended up in front of her.

Police found a small cut on Wilke’s arm.

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