• June 20, 2024

[Video] YouTube Sensations Clobber Black Lives Matter


Diamond and Silk are self professed democrats who believe Hillary would destroy the country and believe that Donald Trump is the answer to most of our problems.   Here is a partial excerpt of their interview for Breitbart News:

DIAMOND: It’s no longer a movement. It’s really a mess. And my thing is here. You keep saying that you want equality. Well, come to the table and let’s get that right there. You know, you can’t continue to march in the streets, pump your fists, and the same people that you are marching against is the same people that is getting killed to protect you. That is dying to protect you.

So what I would say if I was to offer a solution to the Black Lives Matter movement. Let’s come to the tables. The tables are not out there in the streets. Come on the outside and let’s sit down and let’s solve a common problem.

SILK – In order for your black life to really matter you have to know that yourself. You can’t be looking for somebody else to take and verify that your life really matter. You have to know for yourself that your life really matter. And whenever you value your own life, everyone else can value your own life. Stop segregating yourself as a black person from the process of being successful. That’s what a lot of people need to stop doing.

DIAMOND – If you don’t come inside…. If your black life really matter, you wouldn’t march in the streets and be blocking traffic. Someone can run you over. Duh! Listen, you’ve got to care about your own self first. We know that we have problems on both sides. Let’s solve the problem. That’s all we’ve got to say.


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