Vigilantes Stage Revenge Attacks in Cologne Germany

revenge cologne

A series of revenge attacks in Cologne, Germany took place in the same section of the city that saw sexual assaults and robberies with over 500 complainants.  A group of 20 German men attacked six Pakistani refugees, hospitalizing two of them.  About 20 minutes later, a group of five men attacked a Syrian refugee, injuring him.  Two of the German attackers have been detained.   Apparently, the men decided since authorities refused to do anything about the attacks, they would teach the invaders a lesson.

The police are looking to arrest the men because they caused bodily harm to the seven people.  I hope you all excuse me for not crying any crocodile tears over it after over 500 people reported sexual assaults, rapes and robberies on New Year’s Eve.

The mayor of Cologne had the chutzpah to suggest that the women of cologne must surrender their freedoms in order to accommodate the Muslim refugees whose religion contains a rape culture.   Henriette Reker told the women they should wear more modest clothing (many of them wore jeans) travel in packs (they did) and to avoid the center of the city where the attacks took place.  Since the attacks, Reker has called for even more refugees to be located in her city.  That should add some excitement on Groundhog’s Day.

Police say they have identified dozens of Syrian refugees that took part in the sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve.  These are the same Syrian refugees, Obama wants to transplant inside the United States, so they they can do jobs that Americans won’t like staging mass rapes and voting for democrats.  Obama wants to bring in another 100,000 Syrian refugees and Hillary Clinton has said that’s not enough and that she will bring even more of them.

Obama claims these refugees will undergo strict vetting.  I would like to point out that just two days ago authorities arrested an Iraqi and a Syrian refugee on terrorism charges.  They underwent that tough screening process.  I would also point out that  Tashfeen Malik and her husband shot and killed fourteen Americans in the largest terrorist attack in the United States since 9/11.

That shooting could have been prevented had not Jeh Johnson and his Dept of Homeland Security not decided that checking her social media accounts was an invasion of privacy.  She had actively promoted violent jihad.

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