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Wait Til You Hear What Wisconsin Rep Wants Gun free Businesses to Do


State Rep Bob Gannon (R) Slinger Wisconsin wants to make companies who want to be gun free more responsible for the safety of their patrons.  In Wisconsin they have fairly loose concealed carry laws, but private businesses can ban guns if they choose to do so.  Gannon feels that any company banning guns have a duty to kep their patrons safe, since criminals target gun free businesses.  Therefore, any patron who is injured because he or she couldn’t defend themselves, the company would have to pay triple damages.

Gannon hopes the law will convince businesses to allow law abiding concealed permit carriers into their establishments.  Of course, they could provide their own security by hiring a guard but should the guard perform below expectations, the business could be held liable for any and all  people who are injured by a criminal attack or terrorism.

That has been my argument with sanctuary cities.  If they want to disarm everyone, then they become responsible for everyone’s safety.  If an illegal alien shoots you or rams your car while drunk and without a license, then the city should pick up all real damages and a modest sum in punitive damaged.  Right now, they have the best of both worlds.  They disarm honest citizens and bear no responsibility for the result.  This bill would put an end to that.  If they were forced to bear the responsibility, the policy could soon be gone.

From Breitbart News:

Wisconsin’s concealed carry law allows privately-owned businesses to bar guns on their premises. Gannon’s bill would not erase that allowance, it would simply make sure that businesses which choose to disarm law-abiding citizens would do so with the understanding that they are financially liable for the well-being of said citizens.

Gannon said he is getting support for the bill but will not be releasing names until the bill is ready for consideration in early 2017.

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