• November 26, 2021

Wait, What? Portland Now Gives Bereavement Leave Following Abortion?

It should go without saying that liberals are completely nuts but there are those that still empathize with them. The hypocrisy that they display on a daily basis is mind-blowing and it seems that it only grows. However, this is one that really has me scratching my head since it literally makes no sense whatsoever.

For years, the left has shouted that abortion is a woman’s right and that she can do whatever she wants with her body, right?

That what these heartless women were aborting was not a baby but simply a clump of cells.

It was their right to destroy what was in their bodies and that they should be proud and to “shout their abortion”.

So why now in the city of Portland are they offering bereavement leave due to abortion?

According to  Oregon Public Broadcasting, Portland city employees may take bereavement leave due to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or another sort of pregnancy loss including an abortion.

Here is more from The Blaze:

OPB reported that according to the updated policy, which was unanimously approved by the city council, the leave is allowed for an abortion “irrespective of whether deemed medically necessary.”

OPB said that the policy also permits employees to take off in connection with the passing of “any individual related by close affinity” which encompasses “any person with whom the employee has a significant personal bond that is like a familial relationship.”

According to a document that appears to be the city’s new policy, a qualifying pregnancy could also be that of a partner and could even include surrogacy.

“A qualifying pregnancy is defined as the pregnancy of the employee or employee’s spouse or partner; or any pregnancy, including through surrogacy or adoption, where the employee or employee’s spouse or partner would have been parent or primary caregiver,” the document says.

“I thought it was just a clump of cells so why is it such a big deal now??” a person queried on Twitter regarding the news.

Someone on Twitter questioned, “If it isn’t a baby, what is are they bereaving?”

Another person responded to that comment and echoed the same sentiment: “That was my question. If in their mind it’s not a child, but a group of cells, what there to bereave?”

Does anyone want to venture and explain this one to me?



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