Warning: McDonald’s Gives Children Dangerous Happy Meal Toys That Can Cause Injury

McDonald’s restaurants all over the Unites States and Canada are giving out toys that could be very dangerous to your child. If you see this in your kid’s happy meal – throw it away.

The fast food chain has been directed to immediately stop giving away any “activity tracker” toys in their Happy Meals. A mother from Arkansas, Casey Collyar posted on her social media sites about the incident that she ran into with her son’s happy meal toy.

It was August 13 when the mother posted these photos of her young boy after he had been wearing the toy for just a “couple of minutes”. It didn’t take long before he had a big res rash on his arm from the heat of the toy.

“If your kids have this happy meal toy do not let them play with it. Cason has a burn after playing with the toy for about 8 minutes. The toy has a red light in it that is powered by the battery on the back that possibly is the cause of the burn.”


Engadget reported that the activity tracker toy was being given in EVERY U.S and Canada happy meal. Apparently, the toys actually have power buttons and some have lights surrounding the face of the “watch” like toy.

The mother shared that even though the battery is inside of the plastic, she could feel the heat from it on the outside. She says that McDonald’s wasn’t making any immediate decisions on the toy.

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