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WARNING!!!! VERY GRAPHIC VIDEO: Japanese Game Show: Karaoke While Receiving “Hands-ON” Attention

At this point, it’s clear Japan does not have an FCC to regulate it’s television programming. After you watch this video you may be asking yourself, what does it take for someone to go on a game show, seen by millions, and sing karaoke while receiving (how can I put this delicately?) “hands-on” stimulation while staying on key? Aside from the obvious benefits, I would think the prizes would have to be monumental to endure the public humiliation. But, in an era of reality TV, perhaps it doesn’t get more real than this.


Reported by Dangerous Minds: “Sing What Happens” is the game show where male contestants sing while a beautiful woman brings him to “crescendo,” so to speak, without breaking his stride, musically. Yeah, are you rolling on the floor yet? Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video!

While you may not appreciate the quality of Japanese TV programming, you gotta admire the level of concentration contestants bring to the table.

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