• June 27, 2022

Was DNC being PC In booting Chairman candidate for criticism of Islam?


The democrats cannot handle the truth when it comes to the Islamic faith and expelled a Democrat National Committee (DNC) candidate from the race because he dared to raise the issue.  Vincent Tolliver stated in an email that he did not believe his rival Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn) should become chairman because of his Islamic faith, the religion’s positions on homosexuality, according to Breitbart. The DNC swiftly showed Tolliver the door, because Muslim countries tossing gays from buildings to their death is OK, as long as it is not done in the United States.

The dismissed DNC candidate stressed, “His being a Muslim is precisely why DNC voters should not vote for him. Muslims discriminate against gays. Islamic law is clear on the subject, and being gay is a direct violation of it. In some Muslim countries, being gay is a crime punishable by death,” Tolliver wrote in his email sent told The Hill .

Rep. Ellison, a Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan protégé has a long and very disturbing black nationalist record which on its own should be disqualifying, yet it appears the democrats are searching for yet one more way to make themselves less relevant to American voters. The gay and lesbian national organizations have been amazingly silent on Ellison’s candidacy and his firm Islamic beliefs and support for Sharia law.

Tolliver has been taken aback by the deafening silence of democrat leaders who on one hand have taken millions of billionaire George Soros’ money to fund anti-Trump marches against the president’s executive recent immigration and refugee pause.  Yet, these same political hypocrites seem quite comfortable in supporting a leader of their party who supports discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

The former chairman candidate said, “I’m shocked [the Human Rights Campaign] has been silent on the issue. A vote for Representative Ellison by any member of the DNC would be divisive and unconscionable, not to mention counterproductive to the immediate and necessary steps of rebuilding the Democratic Party,” reported Breitbart.

Donna Brazile, current acting DNC chairman and no stranger to controversy and triple down hypocrisy justified the dismissal of Tolliver. She explained to the Hill that, “The Democratic Party welcomes all Americans from all backgrounds. What we do not welcome is people discriminating against others based on who they are or how they worship.”

Tolliver’s comments were not attacking Rep. Ellison for his religion.  In fact, he was stating that the democrat leadership apparently supported a double standard. No surprise there.  A Muslim candidate who supports Islamic actions of majority Muslim nations that murder gays and women, should be rejected instead of welcomed.

But it seems that the congressman fits right in with the Democratic Party. Her own words convict her and the DNC when she states, “We ask all our Chair candidates to pledge ‘to uphold the interests, welfare and success of the Democratic Party of the United States,’ and to participate in the process ‘in good faith.”  Good faith by Brazile’s standards also includes, having been an ‘anti-Semite’ as well as a former active member of the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam.

DNC chairmanship election will occur this month with the winner taking the victory platform on February 26th.  One has to wonder if ISIS and other anti- Semitic Islamic radical organizations will be celebrating a Rep. Ellison victory as the first Muslim to lead a major American political party.

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