• July 15, 2024

Was JFK Jr A Clinton Victim?

jfk jr

In 1999 the New York Daily News published a piece by Joel Siegle on the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.  Before writing the piece, Siegle said that he talked to friends of the very private John John as he was affectionately known in New York.  They told Siegle that JFK Jr was considering a run for the vacant seat after the retirement of Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 2000.

Coincidentally, that was the same seat Hillary Clinton was running for.  Siegle also talked to Mark Green, a perennial candidate for one office or another.  He told Siegle that he saw a poll from 1997 that rated NY democratic politicians and that JFK Jr had the highest rating of anyone by far with a rating of 82% favorable and 18% unfavorable.  Any politician would kill for a rating like that and maybe one did.

Then in July of 1999, tragedy struck.  Kennedy, his wife, and his sister in law were all killed in a plane crash while on their way to a wedding.

From The NY Daily News:

” Although Kennedy never publicly ruled out the possibility, it was thought that he privately ruled out elective office for himself. The two friends, however, told a different story. The friend who expected Kennedy to seek office in the “foreseeable future” also told of speaking with Kennedy earlier this year about the Moynihan seat. “I asked him was he casually thinking about it, or was he serious. He sort of said, ‘I’m not sure. Let me think about it.

‘ ” But the second friend called Kennedy’s interest “pretty serious,” adding: “I think he was intrigued by the idea. . . . Would he have decided in the end to go for it? I don’t know. But he was clearly thinking about it. He talked to a few people about it. Then the Hillary thing ended it pretty quickly.

” Former state Democratic Chairman John Marino was one of those who did not believe Kennedy’s interests were in seeking office. But Marino had little doubt what would have happened had Kennedy become a candidate. “It would have been, ‘Goodbye, anyone else.

One thing is certain.  Had JFK Jr run for the seat, he would have gotten the endorsement of Moynihan.  Siegle believed that Hillary entering the campaign would have caused Kennedy to bypass the race and maybe he would have.  We just don’t know.  What we do know is that in 2008, Teddy kennedy, who was widely believed to be a strong ally of the Clintons, endorsed Barack Obama.

There is absolutely nothing to connect the Clintons to the death of JFK Jr and there was a storm the night of his crash, but it was another convenient death that worked in Hillary’s behalf.



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