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Washington State Supreme Court Judge Asks ICE to Stay Out of Courtrooms

About a week after a California judge told federal authorities to stay out of the courtroom, the Chief Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court has done the same thing.  This is how liberalism works.  Obama let hundreds of thousands of illegals into the country, refusing to keep track of them, then they create massive sanctuary zones and now bar ICE from the courts. (Actually no judge has the right to block ICE from courtrooms, they can only request)


So, how would ICE capture those illegal aliens who need to go?  They can’t.  That’s the whole idea behind these judges requests.  They want to make it impossible to kick illegal aliens out just because they are rapists, drug dealers or kill people in DUI accidents.

There have been reports of arrests at courthouses in California, Oregon and Texas in recent months as President Donald Trump has called for stricter enforcement of immigration laws.

Rose Richeson, a Seattle-based spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the agency did not have any immediate response to Fairhurst’s letter. But in response to the one from the California justice, it issued a statement saying it weighs many factors when deciding where to make an arrest, including whether authorities have a home or work address for the person they are seeking and what is safest for officers and community

“While ICE does arrest targets at courthouses, generally it’s only after investigating officers have exhausted other options,” the statement said.

Last month, immigration agents in Texas arrested a woman at an El Paso courthouse while she was obtaining a protection order against an alleged abuser. The arrest sparked an outcry from victim’s advocates, saying it would dissuade others from coming forward to report abuse for fear of being deported. Arrests have also been made at courthouses in Oregon and Southern California.

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