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Watch: Appalling! Gluttony And Laziness Is Rewarded By A National Television Show

There is nothing I despise more than complete gluttony and laziness. Now there is a new documentary  in the U.K. showing this lifestyle. What makes it even worse is this couple lives off of the government and tax-payers dime.

Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe are set to be featured in an episode of the new U.K. documentary, “Benefits: Too Fat To Work.” Beer and Coombe live in Plymouth, Devon, and, according to the Daily Mail, nearly 60 percent of adults in that area are overweight.


Coombe, who weighs more than 320 pounds, says she’s never had a job in her life, and Beer, tipping the scales at more than 430 pounds, hasn’t worked in five years. Beer reportedly relies on caretakers that come in multiple times per day to clean and dress him, as he is too big to take care of himself.

The couple gets just over $3,000 per month in government benefits.

Read the full story here at the Daily Mail


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