• September 22, 2023

Watch As Reporter Loses It And Goes Off On Hillary On Live TV

Local news anchors are usually the last people to give controversial opinions on national politics. However, one reporter in North Dakota did just that on a recent newscast, telling his viewers that a Hillary Clinton presidency would ruin the state’s economy.

Chris Berg, host of “6:30 Point of View” on KXJB-TV in Valley City, North Dakota, told his viewers Friday that the prospect of a return of the Clintons to the White House  “should freak people out” in his state, particularly based on what Hillary would do to the state’s oil revenue.

Berg made his remarks as Bill Clinton was in nearby Fargo, trying to gather support for his wife’s candidacy. Berg began by noting that the North Dakota Office of Management and Budget had just released a revenue report saying that the state had missed its budget forecast.

“Bottom line, our state is not only losing jobs, it is clearly losing revenue as well … the revenues that fund our government,” Berg told his audience.

“This should freak some people out if you think about what a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean for the state of North Dakota,” Berg said. “Right now, for the fracking industry, the oil and gas industry generates about $17 billion a year.”

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