• September 26, 2022

Watch Black Panther Teach Zookeeper Brutal Lesson While Being Fed A Live Rat

An employee at a zoo learned a no doubt painful lesson while attempting to feed live rats to a pair of leopards through the fence of their enclosure.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the zookeeper at the unnamed zoo in the U.S. was trying to feed large white rats to the big cats, but the holes in the fence weren’t big enough for the rats to fit through. The zookeeper tried unsuccessfully to feed the first leopard, which eagerly grabbed hold of the head of the rat with its large mouth, but since the rat wouldn’t fit through the fence, the man pulled it away.


Apparently not learning that lesson, the man then attempted to feed a black panther with the same rat that wouldn’t fit through the fence, again unsuccessfully.

The panther seemed displeased when the man pulled the rat away again and reached its paw through the fence, snagging one of the man’s fingers with a sharp claw while growling and smacking the fence with its other paw.

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