• November 28, 2022

[WATCH] Boyfriend Surprises Cheating Girlfriend With Packed Moving Boxes

After one man discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him, he decided to plan a special birthday “surprise” and post it to YouTube.

In a video of the surprise, which was uploaded on July 17 and can be seen below, the boyfriend walks toward his girlfriend inside their home. The girlfriend has a towel over her face and her boyfriend insists that she keep her eyes closed. The boyfriend sings “Happy Birthday” and it’s obvious that his girlfriend is expecting an actual gift.

When the girlfriend removes the towel she’s shocked to see that all of her belongings have been packed up. Her birthday surprise is that she’s been kicked out of the house for cheating.

The video suddenly ends before any other information can be explained. It’s unclear what happened after the video ended.

To date, the video has been viewed over half a million times.



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