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Watch dad give bullied son growing hair for cancer the best pep talk ever [video]

Maybe the parents of the bullies who have been attacking this boy for how he looks should be publicly shamed. The dad of a student who has been tormented in school by classmates because he is growing his hair long for cancer patients encouraged him to talk about being bullied. According to the Wall Street Journal the dad was correct by remaining calm and discussing what happened. Watch the video and see if you agree.


Bullies are often neglected kids who are being raised by parents who are also bullies. Being disrespectful and hurtful may have a lot more to do with a bully’s poor self-esteem than the target of their bullying.

Even though the young boy was doing something that most people including his teachers and perhaps the school officials might deem admirable, he was having a hard time remaining firm in going through with his goal to grow his hair for cancer patients.

The video demonstrated how a caring compassionate parent should address bullying and still validate the child and his life and goals.
Here are some suggested tips that The Wall Street Journal suggest may assist parents of children who are bullied.

When Your Child Comes to You About Bullying:
• Comfort and empathize, rather than judging or blaming.
• Praise your child for telling you and invite him to talk about what happened.
• Encourage the child to suggest possible solutions.
• Don’t fly into a rage and confront the bully or his parents.
• Don’t tell your child to ignore repeated bullying.
• Approach school officials calmly, without making accusations.
• Keep detailed notes about each instance of bullying and the school’s response.

Watch the video and cheer the dad on for being a true parent who deserves a pat on the back for a job well done!!

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