• October 1, 2023

WATCH: Dan Bongino Obliterates Geraldo After He Makes Excuses For Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment

There are some who would be shocked by what Geraldo Rivera said last night on Sean Hannity’s evening show concerning his leftist buddy Andrew Cuomo, but I am not in the least. Honestly, the left is the party of hypocrisy and double-speak so why would Rivera not give a pass to his murdering sexual predator friend?

In the interview, Geraldo Rivera made excuses for Andrew Cuomo’s sexual advances against young women.

Geraldo appeared to give Cuomo a pass because he’s “all by himself” and he lives in “the most boring town in America”.

“I feel sorry for each one of those ladies, their stories deserve to be told. I think though that, he’s a 63-year-old, single guy living in Albany, the most boring town in America, he’s all by himself, single women come by,” said Geraldo.

“Yeah, that’s all crap that Geraldo just said,” Dan Bongino responded before ripping him to shreds.

Watch below:


Yeah, cause being all by yourself in a boring town gives you a pass to be an asshole. Whatever Rivera.

This is all a deflection from the REAL concerns that he murdered the elderly with his absurd COVID policies and now they are trying to change the narrative so they can sweep it under the rug

I mean, a sexual assault charge is way less than a murder charge, right?

At any rate, I just hope that he is held accountable for BOTH and has to serve time for his atrocious actions.



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