• June 21, 2024

[WATCH] Enraged Islamist Picks A Fight With The Wrong Jew, Gets Nasty Takedown Submission

This Orthodox Rabbi looks as if he could not defend himself or even harm a fly…

he Rabbi and another associate cornered the man on the ramp of the synagogue and decided to engage in a peaceful dialogue, pointing out that the police were on their way.  The conversation was not quite as cordial as one might have hoped when the drunken Muslim shouted “Go back to Israel” and demanded “Do you want to swear to Allah?”, which seemed unlikely to initiate the conversion of the Jewish elders to the religion of Islam in the near future.

The man was then caught on camera trying to grab hold of the Jewish man’s throat.

The group of men, dressed in religious attire, quickly tackled him and pinned his arms and legs to the concreteuntil police arrived a short time later.

The man was arrested and charged with theft, criminal damage and two counts of unlawful assault over the incident.

A Rabbi from the synagogue told Daily Mail Australia the man who bore the brunt of the attack was not injured in the scuffle. He said police told him at the time the man was on drugs.

‘It was an isolated incident and it was handled very well. It wasn’t anti-Semitic. The guy was on drugs and ice,’ he said.

The Muslim man was held by police for a few hours, then released pending a hearing scheduled for January of next year. It is unclear if the Muslim man was injured during the scuffle, but there could very well be repercussions against the Jewish men since they clearly held a numeric advantage and they did not immediately submit to Allah and his jihadist warrior as all are instructed to do in the Qu’ran. It would probably be wise to double the security on the synagogue given the many Islamic evangelizing activities that are occurring throughout the world these days.


Source:www.dailymail.co.uk, truthandaction,org

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