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Football Star Jameis Winston Makes Stunning Announcement About His Salvation

Jameis Winston is no doubt an incredible athlete. He is a Heisman trophy winning, National Champion, he now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and seems to be turning his life around from all the controversies he endured while in college.

The former Florida State star and his girlfriend, Breion Allen, were both baptized in a swimming pool Friday during a four-day conference in Colorado Springs, Colo., hosted by Pro Athletes Outreach. The event attracts hundreds of professional athletes to pray, share and listen to inspirational speakers and for other events.

“Last night I accepted Christ into my life for the first time,” Winston wrote. “So thankful for this #PAO experience for helping me grow closer in my faith and to be around people trying to do the same.”

Pro Athletes Outreach says the event is designed for “single and married pros and their spouses or fiancees (to) gather each year for a few days of unique community, deep interaction with Jesus, and simply to reconnect, as couples or with their friends around the league. Many of them say it’s the best week of their year. The NFL Conference is programmed and planned with the culture of the NFL in mind, but pro athletes from any sport are welcome.”

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