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Watch: Huffington Post Advocates Polygamous Relationships; The New Perversion

Conservatives were chastised relentlessly at their opposition to gay marriage. Conservatives also said it was a slippery slope, once one type of relationship is defined as “normal,” that others would soon follow. Well that time that we all knew would come is here.

Folks are now pushing for polygamy!

From Daily Wire:

On Sunday, the Huffington Post did its part to promote “polyamorous” relationships, otherwise referred to as polygamy. The leftist publication pushed its narrative via its typical method, demonizing those who may not support the promotion of these sorts of relationships, for religious reasons or otherwise. The Post fawned over their corny #AcceptLove hashtag, tossed around the term “open minded” and pushed a video of a self-righteous man boasting about his intimate relationships with multiple women, (because equality).

To bring you up to speed, the latest confusing “hip and cool” relationship status, polyamory, is the practice of having intimate relationships with more than one other person simultaneously at the consent of all involved. If you’re thinking you’ve heard this before, it’s because it’s essentially polygamy. If you’re still confused, just think Sister Wives. That should clear things up.

The Huffington Post, super-excited about the push toward polygamy, explained that “[a] new campaign aims to break down stigma, educate the public about and fight for the acceptance of polyamorous relationships.”

The Post continued, stating that the website with the most PC domain name in the history of the world,, launched an #AcceptLove campaign, “an initiative focused on equality for polyamorous people.” Apparently, the leaders who launched said campaign are searching for “acceptance for poly relationships as the next frontier of mainstream queer liberation.”

“This moment will be remembered in history (if not for the complete destigmatization, then) for making great strides in acceptance for LGBT relationships and individuals,” said Openminded spokeswoman Angela Jacob Bermudo. “We are finally allowing people to, rightfully so, define themselves. If we can accept that a man can love a man, and vice versa for women, why then is it so difficult to wrap our minds around the concept of loving more than one person?”

This isn’t a shock though, we all knew this would come to be. The accept love campaign is nothing more than a new perversion, and mockery of traditional marriage. I am holding tight, cause this roller coaster is just starting.

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