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I am not sure if you are following Richard Citizen Journalist, I suggest you start doing so now.

Richard Citizen Journalist truly covers so much news and is boots on the ground by finding out things going on that the media fails to cover.

Now Richard was arrested a few weeks ago, so I was so happy to see him back out on the reporting beat and he reported on a big story yesterday!

Check out this video where he says he hears “booms” going off in D.C. and sure enough, you can hear them loud and clear in the video.

Not just one loud boom either, but several and it’s not even remotely dark, so they’re not fireworks.

They sound too controlled for gunshots.

So what are they?

Destroying the DUMBS?

Destroying the underground tunnels?

I don’t know, but I know I hear it loud and clear.

Watch here on Rumble:

Your thoughts?

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