• May 29, 2023

[WATCH] Netanyahu’s Response To Orlando Attack & Obama Whine Like a Baby

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, posted a video response to the tragic terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.

Watch how he responded to the tragedy:

This is a response from a man that understands the grave threat ISIS presents to anyone that does not share their beliefs or accepts the radical ideology.  His response runs in stark contrast to the whiny tone of President Obama complaining about having to say the words “radical Islam” during a press conference on Tuesday.

It’s sad that our President chooses to focus and get angry over jabs from a Presidential candidate instead of getting angry and focusing on the real threat that has hit America in several places e.g. Boston, Fort Hood, San Bernardino. In fact, FL Governor Rick Scott got phone calls from former President George W. Bush and Presidential candidate Donald Trump but hasn’t received a call from President Barack Hussein Obama or Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  And the Dems say they are tougher on terrorism and a better friend to the LGBT community?

FL Shooting

Time to put on the big boy pants, Barry. ISIS is here, you’ve emboldened them and gun control isn’t the answer. Give Bibi a call for the right way to handle terrorism.

H/T [ Independent Journal ]

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