[WATCH] Pack of Black Thugs Surround White Teen … Things DO NOT End Well

Video footage out of Norwood, Ohio, shows the frightening moment a white 13-year-old was viscously attacked by a mob of black teens outside a festival at Holy Trinity Church. Obviously, the thugs weren’t there for the religious festivities.

It’s obvious from the video footage, which was captured by another teen who was threatened by the black mob, that the victim posed no threat to his attackers. According to the Conservative Tribune, they only stopped beating the boy when they noticed adult intervention approaching.

“What if it happened to them? How would they feel? They need to get some discipline. Apparently someone’s not paying attention,” said the victim’s grandmother. “You guys don’t know what that video’s like to watch when it’s your own kid. And I don’t know how a parent can watch it — even the kids that did that. How could they watch that video and accept that?”

It is hard for those of us who are civilized to understand. Sadly, if the tables were turned – if a mob of white teens had attacked a black boy – this story would be all over the news. It’d be Mike Brown all over again. Share this alarming video, because you know the media won’t.

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