• November 27, 2021

[VIDEO] Adorable Puppy That Was Shot Multiple Times Has Been Given Second Chance

A 6-week-old puppy is recovering at a Rock Hill animal hospital after someone shot it nearly two-dozen times with a BB gun. The Olympian reports that Rock Hill Police responded to an apartment complex on Springdale Road, according to a report. A utility worker told officers he saw 15 to 20 juveniles playing with a black puppy.  A few minutes later, the worker went to check on the puppy and saw it was “bleeding heavily” from multiple wounds, police said.


There are stories in this world that are almost to horrific to report. This story is one of them; however there is a happy ending to this tragic “tail.”

10-year-old Kailey from Rock Hill SC has recently lost her best friend. His name was Woodrow.


WBTV reports: “When I lost Woodrow, I thought I lost half my heart. Now I got that other half back,” Kailey said with a smile you could see from the moon. Woodrow died two months ago and left Kailey devastated. According to her mother Carla, “It broke her heart, and the hardest thing to see as a parent is your child hurt. Brody is actually piecing that heart back together for her.” The match seemed hand-crafted in heaven. Carla works at the pet hospital Brody was taken to when officers discovered he had been shot. Kailey was one of the first people to see him, before he became a viral star on the internet. “The first time she met him she looked in his eyes and said he reminded her of Woodrow, and I knew right then that she had picked her puppy,” Carla said. Brody was hurt, and Kailey was hurt. Now the two are helping each other recover.


I know as a parent seeing my child hurt is more than I can take. So I can guarantee that this mother is thrilled that her little girl’s heart is mending, and as for this puppy, well he is expected to make a full recovery, and have a very loving home for the rest of his puppy life.



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