• June 13, 2024

[WATCH] Police Use Excessive Force to Detain Man, Then Break Phone For Recording An Arrest

A Brighton man said he was detained and roughly handled by a Boston police officer Wednesday night after stopping to videotape an arrest near the I-93/I-90 interchange.

Max Bickford told Boston.com that the officer at the scene also briefly confiscated the cell phone he used to record the footage, which later broke on the sidewalk when the officer threw it back to him.

Bickford said he was riding mopeds with friends for a trip to Castle Island when traffic suddenly stopped for two men running into the street.

“I saw a man with a hood over his head running into traffic, and then I saw another man tackle that man onto the ground,” he said. “I decided to record it after I saw what appeared to be…the officer giving him a kick when he was already on the ground.”

That alleged kick isn’t captured on the video, though the unidentified officer is seen confronting Bickford and grabbing the cell phone out of his hands:

Off-camera, Bickford said more than one officer insulted and “slammed” him onto the ground in handcuffs, refusing to provide their badge numbers for later identification. He was never arrested or charged with any crime.

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