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Watch Rhino as He Chases Motorcycle Down the Street [VIDEO]

It started out as a casual ride through town on a motor scooter be become a race for their lives as two men on motorbikes were forced to flee for their lives as they were being chased by a 5,000 pound rhino.  Rhinos are surprisingly fast and if you are on foot, they can catch you.  During the rampage, one person was killed while another three were injured.  Thanks to conservation, the numbers of rhinoceros have increased greatly even as their habitat shrinks and is becoming more common for rhinos to rampage through some of the smaller villages in Nepal.

One person was reportedly killed and three others wounded in the attack. It is unclear whether or not the rhinoceros survived.
The greater one-horned rhino was nearly driven to extinction in the early 20th century but rigorous conservation efforts have seen its numbers bounce back.

Two unfortunate motorcyclists can be seen fleeing the beast in front of it, while screams and panicked shouts can be heard in the background.
A crowd of curious onlookers can be seen following the beast at a distance.

 Anti poaching efforts have also helped boost their numbers. In Nepal’s Chitwan National Park there are 1,100 soldiers patrolling 24/7 to deter poachers.
There are now 3,555 rhinos scattered throughout north east India and Nepal.

However there have been several incidences of rhinos rampaging through small Nepali towns – partly due to urban expansion.


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