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Watch The Incredible Moment A Toddler And Baby Are Pulled From Raging Flood Waters

On April 29, Phillip Ocheltree was trying to flee from the tornadoes in Texas when his SUV hydroplaned and flipped over into a ditch in Myrtle Springs with his two young children inside.
At least four people were killed and dozens more injured in the strong winds, thunderstorms, torrential rain, tornadoes, and flash flooding caused by the severe storm system moving across the eastern part of the state.


It looked like Ocheltree’s infant son and two-year-old daughter, Addy, would tragically die as well after getting stuck in the vehicle that was overtaken by flood waters, but these heroic motorists ended up saving their lives.


Watch the amazing moment when they pull the children out of the vehicle and begin performing CPR in the video below.



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