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Watch: These College Students Were Asked Why They Support Sanders, The Answers Are Cringeworthy

I don’t know whether  I need to laugh or cry. The fact that Bernie Sanders is an actual contender for the White House is scary enough.

Bernie Sanders has become pretty popular on college campuses, so Jesse Watters visited the University of Oregon to find out why, as part of one of “The O’Reilly Factor’s” familiar segments, “Watters’ World.”

The students were asked why they like Bernie Sanders and his policies.

“That’s so hard to, like, pinpoint,” one said.

“I really like his redistribution of wealth policy,” another said without elaborating further.

A third said she likes Sanders’ free college education policy. When asked how that policy would be paid for, she replied, “I believe he’s taking taxes from — I can’t remember.”

Watch the video below:


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