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Watch This Cop Handle Two Vicious Dogs Like A Pro [VIDEO]

Cops today get a bad rap thanks to the last eight years of the Obama administration pandering to street thugs and groups like Black Lives Matter while denigrating police across the country. We have to remember that the overwhelming majority of cops are good men and women who fight to keep us and our streets safe from the types that Obama and his ilk supported.


Police have to do every dirty job you can think of in the streets to maintain the civil society and while we all want to weed out the bad ones it’s high time we once again start recognizing cops for the good work they do on a daily basis. Good work like the following:

After receiving a call about vicious dogs roaming a neighborhood, this police officer decided to investigate. While confronting a pair of dogs like these would send most people running in the other direction, this officer handled the situation with a calm authority that we can’t help but respect.


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