• May 27, 2024

[WATCH] Thug Gets Belligerent With Small Female Cop, Then Her Partner Arrives

Does this kid have a valid point?

A recording of an confrontation between police officers and a young idiot is going viral after it was posted to social media. When are people going to learn? You can’t win against law enforcement. You can try, but you’ll just end up embarrassing yourself…and owing jail time.

A man was disrespecting a smaller female police officer, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan for him when the woman’s partner showed up – and that’s right about when it stopped being funny.

The incident began when a police officer stopped a man for riding his bike on the sidewalk in Merced, California. Seeing how taxpayers are footing the bill for bike lanes in the road, it’s now illegal in quite a few places to do what this guy was doing.


Alright kid. Friendly word of advice. If you argue with a police officer, it won’t go well for you. 10 out of 10 times you lose. You want to argue, take it to court, and please stop screaming that they are man handling you because your’re black. It’s because you are a dumb ass. Period.

H/T to IHaveTheTruth

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