• August 11, 2022

Watch Truck Driver Plow Through Protesters in NC on May Day [VIDEO]

George Soros’ minions struck out again, this time in Durham, North Carolina, where a truck driver refused to be intimidated by a group of mental midgets.  They decided to break the law and block the streets.  Then when they failed to stop the truck, they complained that the driver acted illegally.  But it did answer an age old question.  What do you get when you cross a large group of retards with an industrial strength pick up truck.  Especially when the driver refuses to be intimidated by snowflakes, cupcakes and buttercups.

The driver was at a traffic light, waiting for it to turn green, when a group of young morons decided they could keep the truck from moving by placing their hands on his hood, which just goes to show that the gas pedal is mightier than the pea brain.  The driver slowly but steadily moved forward and soon he was free to go on his way again.  This seemed to make the protesters very angry.  I’m guessing the driver won’t lose any sleep over it.  But the voters should.  All across America, elected officials are capitulating to rioters and lawbreakers, allowing them to do pretty much as they please.


 Christine Hawn a “safety marshals” apparently for the protesters exclaimed: “There were kids there and people with different mobility’s that were not able to pick up and move.”

And perhaps that the $64,000 question, “since when is purposely blocking traffic on highway, street or roads legal?” Moreover, where were the police, and did these protesters have permits to demonstrate?

Those questions were apparently answered by the antics of Mayor Bill Bell when a group of uninvited protesters took over the start of the Cities Council Meeting while the hapless mayor simply looked on as the protesters took turns shouting their list of demands. At one point the protesters took control of the podium and the mayors microphone, as the mayor along with council members sat quietly by.

H/T US Herald

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