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WATCH Tucker Carlson Declare That Trump Has “Reached His Expiration Date”

During his broadcast Thursday night, Tucker Carlson declared that President Trump has reached the end of his ‘shelf life’, that it is unhealthy for America to be focusing so relentlessly on one man, and that Trump acted ‘recklessly’ in encouraging supporters to march on the Capitol.

Carlson opined that Trump has an “expiration date” and suggested he is no longer “worth all of this time and attention.”

“We’ve gone from being this big continental country with an enormous span of concerns and interests to a sweaty chat room of 300 million people all of whom are focused on a single man, Donald Trump. That is not healthy no matter how you feel about Trump,” Carlson urged.

“At some point you’ve got to wonder about where our country is putting all of its energy. Is any single president, anyone worth all of this time and attention?” Tucker noted, adding “All politicians whether you agree with them or not come with a shelf life, they are people.”



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