• November 29, 2023

[WATCH] Veteran Told To Remove American Flag Because It’s ‘Un-American’ So He Does THIS Instead

Tony Cumberworth, a 73-year-old veteran, was shocked when the homeowner’s association told him that he would be fined $50 a day for flying the American flag in his front yard.

“It’s been there 20 years and nobody has ever said a word,” Cumberworth told reporters at The Blaze. He was given four days to remove Old Glory. “First it was ridiculous. Then I got insulted. I fought for this country. My son fought for this country. I do not understand them trying to take away my rights.

After he received the order, Cumberworth researched the provisions of the HOA agreement, and found nothing indicating that he was breaking any rules by flying the flag. He quickly brought the issue into the limelight through the media. Shortly after the story went public, he received a letter from the HOA.

“Please disregard the code violation notice,” the message read. “It was sent to your home in error. We truly thank you for your service in Vietnam and your American flag can stay in your yard as long as you desire.”


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