• September 24, 2022

[WATCH] Why This Teacher Stripped In Front Of Her Students Has The Internet Buzzing

There were a few murmurs of disbelief among the students. After all, even in a European country as progressive as the Netherlands, it is not quite common for a female teacher to take off her clothes in the middle of class. But it would not take the students long to realize why Debby was doing it in the first place.

“At first they were a little bit in shock because they thought ‘the teacher is taking off her clothes,’ until, they saw what was underneath,” said Debby to CNN, explaining her reasons behind the apparently bizarre act.

What was underneath was an anatomically-correct spandex suit, showing where all the organs of the body are found. Though Debby has been a biology teacher for more than seven years, and usually tries to incorporate books and interactive tools when tackling dense topics in class, this was the first time that she had decided to go out of her way to help her students learn the basics of human anatomy.


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