• December 11, 2023

[WATCH] Woman Puts Muslims On Blast In Epic Rant That Deserves A Standing Ovation

There is no doubt that Muslims are being given a sense of entitlement and privilege across the world. Even though they attempt to convince everyone that they are kind and loving their rudeness and lack of respect for others is appalling. One black woman was told to shut up by a group of Muslims and what ensued is truly awesome.

Here is part of her fabulous rant:

“Make me shut up f*cking bitch…F*cking ISIS bitches”

“That’s why no one likes you because you’re f*cking rude, you come to England then you have no f*cking manners. Go back to your f*cking country where they’re bombing every day and go there, not here where we’re free.”


Watch it all here and tell us what you think?

Found on YouTube

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