• January 24, 2022

[WATCH] You’ll Never Guess Who This Granny Threatens With A Knife!

This Granny is not playing games, but she needs to be put in jail

I’ve seen some people act dumb as hell, but there is a line you just don’t cross- and this is one of those lines. The grandmother in the video actually threatens her grandson with a knife If he doesn’t behave! I understand that kids misbehave and they need to be disciplined. I believe in spankings and time-outs because I received them as a child. I didn’t die from It and being disciplined actually saved my life. This is going overboard, and It’s called Child Endangerment.
Watch this video and you’ll see that grandma is a loose cannon. Snd reminds me of the granny from The Nutty Professor movies, but only alot meaner. I think this is what Rev. Lewis meant in his “couch sermon“.

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