• May 17, 2022

We Just Discovered Hunter Biden’s Laptop Password And….EWWWWW

Hunter Biden is a nasty man, and that is not even up for a debate.

So, it does not come as any surprise that Hunter would have a semi-decent password for his computer, either.

This is not a man that would have “kittensarecute,” but would choose something so disgusting that it would shock people. Now, when I read it, I was not surprised, but I still vomit a little in my mouth.

Trust me, it’s about as vulgar and gross as you can get, and I thought to myself, this is a grown man in his 50s who’s supposed to be a “respectable” businessman and the son of a two-term VP and life-long senator.

It’s just amazing what little respect Hunter has for himself and the people that supposedly love and support him.

It shows in everything he does, even creating something as simple as a laptop password.

Ok, here we go.

Well, the laptop repairman, Mac Issac, said he found out the password on that fateful day Hunter brought the laptop in for repair.

Mac says a clearly inebriated Hunter told him the password was “analf*ck69”

Obviously, I added the “*” to try to lessen the offensiveness, but Hunter did not add that.

What a pig.

So, to recap: a wasted Hunter showed up at the laptop repair high as a kite, shared his vulgar and gross password, then left the store, never coming back again because he probably had no recollection of going to the laptop repair, to begin with.

This is even more disgusting because Joe Biden says that Hunter is the “smartest man” he knows.

That really does clear some things up, right?



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