Wendy’s: The Fight For 15 Has Become Fight For Unemployment

Wendy’s has already started installing kiosks in their stores in Ohio.  The firm whose national headquarters is located in the Columbus, Ohio suburb of Dublin has replaced cashiers with kiosks as they had already promised to do.  There will be a short test run to make sure there are no major problems, then the expansion will begin, with 1,000 stores adding kiosks by the end of the year.


Wendy’s says that the average location has three kiosks.  The kiosks are already in use in Japan and other Asian countries and a large portion of Europe.  Japan has even added burger machines capable of making 350 burgers an hour.  The machine cooks the patty, freshly slices it’s lettuce, tomato and onion.  It also packages the burger and no one is needed to aid in it’s operation.

The United States has been slow to add automation to their stores until the SEIU started financing “Fight for $15” demonstrations.  Not realizing they were being snookered by the SEIU, a large number of fast food employees joined in.  Everywhere the 15 dollar minimum wage has been enacted, there is an exemption for union shops.  This forces companies wishing to avoid the 15 dollar minimum to bring in a union.  The employers save money, the union gains members and dues and the employees get the shaft.


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From Business Insider:

Kiosks are also valued by the Dublin, Ohio-based company for their ability to provide data about customers.

“This move puts them at the forefront of the kiosk and tech movement,” Tristano said.

Kiosks already have been installed at several central Ohio locations, where the company first tested the technology.

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