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West Virginia Couple Arrested For Trying to Sell Their Baby for Drugs


A couple from Layland, West Virginia have been arrested after they attempted to sell their baby for drugs.  The couple, 25-year-old Ashley Nichole Harmon and Jonathan Isaac Lucas Flint, 20 after receiving a tip that the couple had tried to sell their baby for $1000 dollars.  The couple went to the home of a woman who had known Flint since he was a youngster and tried to sell their child to her for $1000.  They failed but they left the baby with her, promising to pick up the child later.  The next day, when they arrived, they were met by the police and the child was in the hands of Children’s Protective Services, showing signs of drug withdrawal.

Carolyn Redden, the woman the couple tried to sell the baby to became scared when the child started to shake and called for help.  That is usually a sign that the baby is suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Captain Jim Sizemore with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office became relective and realized just how lucky he and his daughter are:

“You try very hard to separate your professional life from your personal life. But, when there’s a child being abused, you can’t help but think there but for the grace of God is my child. I have a daughter that I love more than anything on this earth, and I would gladly give my life to keep her safe.”

Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Harrah said:

“My office has been working closely with the Sheriff’s Office and Child Protective Services since we first learned of this complaint, and we intend to vigorously pursue the criminal charges filed in connection with this matter.”

The couple are being held on $100,000 dolar bonds each.

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