• April 15, 2024

What A BLM Leader Said About Vaccine Mandates Is Absolutely Unbelievable!

I completely feel that we are living in a Bizzaro world lately.

It just seems that most everything is upside down and chaotic with so many things out of place and no clear direction anymore.

There was a time when Americans wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight against tyranny but today the youth is more than happy to welcome it. Plus there is the great division that Barack Obama and the rest of the left pushed with their identity politics and fanning the flames of racial discord.

Those actions from the left gave birth to violent groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa who are more than happy to destroy our streets and cities over what they believe is racial injustice.

Just a few months ago, one would believe that even talking to a member of the BLM would yield no common ground at all, and then this happened.

The push to vaccinate every single person despite the hesitancy of what is in the vaccine.

Government leaders promising that there would be no blowback from these “safe and effective” medical miracles. That no one would be hospitalized or die from these wonder drugs, but guess what? That is happening!

There are people dying, getting sick, and passing it on to others.

The media is in cahoots with big pharma and the government and is doing everything in their power to squash this information and keep everyone distracted with “bread and circuses”.

However, people are starting to wake up and question and that fires me up.

Truthfully, this is what gets me up in the morning. This is what drives me, to help just one person see that everything that is being presented to us is an illusion in order to divide us all.

So, when this video was posted it showed that there is an awakening happening in this nation and I am proud to be a part of it.

This is amazing in my opinion and it does give me hope!

This group right I am pretty sure is well aware of the Tuskegee experiment and also what occurred in Flint, Michigan with the water. I am also sure they know of all the horrifying experiments that were done on not only black people but the entire world to cull the herd.

I won’t even get into Margaret Sanger and her eugenist movement with abortion to kill all the “undesirables” which were anyone who wasn’t white.

So, this is why I am excited and if you stand for freedom in any way it should excite you too.

There is no reason that anyone needs to show papers or be forced to get a vaccine.


And here’s another thing why does your vaccine only work if it senses another vaccinated person? That pretty much seems like a crappy vaccine if I need to be vaccinated for yours to work.

I would totally ask for my money back or at least a gift card to Applebee’s as payback.

Also, there is no reason that anyone should have their way of living impeded by not being vaccinated.

If you have the vaccine then you are protected, right?

Is this like some wonder twin power activate thing?

More people need to stand up and push back cause they will keep pushing till we break. Stop complying and be an American already! Land of the free and home of the brave.




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